Flamingo Costume

Relive those Pink Plastic Lawn Ornaments with a cute Flamingo costume this Halloween! You will dance up a ball and will certainly be the talk of the party when wearing one of these most unique costumes!

Flamingo CostumesThere’s no bird as exotic as the flamingo – a vibrant pink, sleeping on one leg, and what looks to be an upside down beak. Graceful, long legged and tall, flamingos are better known for the ubiquitous ornaments on lawns, and as birthday party pranks! (Who hasn’t seen 40 plastic Don Featherstone flamingos on an unsuspecting birthday boy or girl’s front lawn?)

As a costume, you have a lot of great choices! You can either show their proud, upstanding side in a gorgeous flamenco dress, or you can play a plush, stuffed animal! You could pay homage to all that is tacky with a bright pink flamingo hat, or you could show your sexy, Vegas showgirl starlet side in an elaborate flamingo or peacock-inspired outfit. Whatever you decide, you’ll have a lot of fun in this costume!

If flamingos are your favorite bird, and your child loves them too, why not dress her in this bird this Halloween? They’ll love the plush feel of their costume, and it’s great for photo shoots.

adult Flamingo costumeCheck out these awesome and fun flamingo costumes:

Classic Pink Flamingo Adult Costume

You are going to love the detail on this full body Flamingo. The wings are distinctive and yet designed so they won’t become annoying and get in your way. No worries about the body sliding down as it is connected to the neck and head piece. You are going to be the life of the party and sure to be able to strut your way around the dance floor. Perhaps you may want to practice your Flamingo dancing for the occasion.

Retro Pink Flamingo Hat

Flamingo Hat“Hey, there’s a flamingo on your head!”


“I said, there’s a flamingo on your head!”

“I can’t hear you, I have a flamingo on my head!”

All you need to do is get yourself a black bodysuit and this hat will set the perfect scenario for your flamingo antics. The bright pink of the full body and legs will let people know you are coming from a mile away. If anybody asks, just say you are “all legs”

Great for cold weather!

Tom Arma Cute Baby Flamingo

Tom Arma baby flamingo costumeThere is no denying that there are some amazing and most adorable costumes available for babies at Halloween, but there are very few as unique as this most precious Flamingo costume for the little one.

You are going to want to hold onto your youngster tight this Halloween so he doesn’t decide to try his wings and flutter away!

This costume is part of the Tom Arma signature collection. The outfit is a soft velvet providing just the right warmth and plenty of room to move around in. It is easy to get on and off so there is no struggling with your little one.

Queen of Hearts

Queen of hearts flamingo costumeFor those that love the story of Alice in Wonderland don’t forget about the part of the most enjoyable part of the queen playing croquet with flamingos! If you are going to a Halloween event with a partner, then one could go as a Flamingo and the other one of the Characters from Alice in Wonderland.

The Different Worlds of The Flamingos

Flamingos in the wild

The most famous pink flamingos live in the Caribbean, but these birds are also found in South America and Africa. The African version is larger and more pale, almost white.

They are a most exquisite creature, with their long necks and brilliant pink color. When one thinks of exotic birds, flamingos are certainly grouped along with the peacock and toucans. With beautiful and bright colors, these are definitely a favorite among bird lovers!

Flamingos, of course, have a “kitchy” reputation due to the famous pink flamingo lawn ornament! Wearing such a fun costume can be seen as paying homage to this retro tradition, especially if you don the pink flamingo hat!

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