Flamingo Hats

Pink Flamingo hatHats off to the funniest headpiece of them all – the flamingo hat!

Hey, buddy, did you know there’s a flamingo on your head? What? I said, did you know there’s a flamingo on your head? I can’t hear you, I have a flamingo on my head!

If you’re feeling like a little tacky fun for Halloween, you might as well go all out! Instead of spending a lot of time thinking of a costume, just wear a hat. There are plenty of models which can inspire you for this year’s Halloween party.

By far the most popular type of flamingo hat is the electric pink one with a long neck and long bird feet. It is so funny that nobody can resist it! In addition to that it instantly draws attention towards you due to its color and unusual shape, so even in the absence of a full flamingo costume you still have great chances of being nominated for the funniest outfit in pink!

Another version, especially to keep your head warm, is a soft, plush version that actually looks as good as it feels. This is for those more “sophisticated” Halloween or retro parties when you have to put some effort into what you wear – point out that it’s made out of real faux bird fur, and to not get too close, due to the dander.

Flamingo hatThese cute pink hats are also great gag gifts for your friends, especially if you have made a previous convention about the guest wearing all their gifts. Think how funny they will look with that pink hat on their heads! Do not refrain from making such gift to a male friend. The cute, pink hat will be a challenge for him and a great source of amusement for the others. It will certainly cause lots of laughs and make you all have a great time.

If outside is too hot for wearing a hat, you should try the flamingo head bopper featuring two pink sequin flamingos and a pink, marabou trimmed headband supporting them. This is a cute accessory that will really change your look drastically.

Sometimes an accessory can be more appreciated than a full costume. Thus, if your partner or child does not feel like dressing up, or you go to an Alice in Wonderland party where everybody already took all the “good” roles, try one of these cute flamingo hats. They will certainly make sensation wherever they go!

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